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Make Your Potatoes Exciting


Tired of eating regular fries? Surprise your family with a yummy snack with our Spiral Potato Slicer!

This stainless steel constructed potato slicer is a revolutionary way of serving and eating hot fried potatoes. It's safe and easy to use. And because it uses the entire potato, you'll have less food waste. Great for home kitchens, restaurants and hotels.

To use, simply insert a skewer in the potato. Load the potato and turn the crank clockwise. Take the potato from the slicer and deep fry or bake in the oven. Sprinkle with your favorite flavoring and serve. Also great for vegetables and sweet potatoes.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hand Crank Operation
  • Skid-Proof Rubber Feet
  • Ideal for Commercial and Home Use

Serve your family a tastier and healthier option to French fries. Order the Spiral Potato Slicer today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Evangeline Bergstrom

The slicer works very well.

Kyler Ziemann

It's so easy that my kids can do it, it was a big hit in my house, I made 10 so far and that's not including what everyone has made, we even done carrots Zucchini sweet potatoes, very happy with this so far!

Justina Rowe

My kids buy the spiral potato every time we are at mall or night market. It’s costy for each stick. I am happy to find an actual machine to make the spiral potato .

Freeman McGlynn

Bought this more as a gag gift... but it turned out to be the best gift of the night! The razor is really sharp and it comes with 2 spare ones. I was able to make tornado potatoes with this device in just a minute.

Rollin Koch

This item did exactly what it said it would do. The "tornado potato" (spiral) slice is perfect with even, consistent slices. Great product.