Smartphone TikTok Fingertip Remote Control Ring

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Stay Entertained Without Touching Your Screen

Swipe up, swipe down, and give hearts without holding your phone with our Smartphone TikTok Fingertip Remote Control Ring!

With this cool little gadget, you no longer have to slide your screen up and down when watching TikTok or reading e-books. It's Bluetooth enabled so you can pair it with all devices; smartphones and tablets. It's a remote control that can operate your phone including scrolling up and down, swiping right and left, playing and pausing videos, taking photos and selfies, and increasing and decreasing the volume.

No more awkward photos, no more dropping your phone when taking a selfie. This camera remote controller lets you take beautiful family photos, selfies, or videos no matter where you are. It only needs to be charged for 2 hours for a complete 24-hour operation. Will turn off automatically if not in use for 30 seconds. It has an on and off key and a USB port for charging.


  • Sleek and Beautiful Design
  • Compatible with Ios (Above 14.8 Version) and Android Devices
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Chip for a Stable Signal Transmission Within 33 Feet
  • Automatic Power-Off When the Battery Is Fully Charged


  1. For iPhones and iPads, turn on Assistive Touch (Settings>Accessibility>touch>on) before using.
  2. Restart your phone if needed.
  3. Make sure the iOS software is above V14.8 5.

Say goodbye to swiping with your fingers. Order our Smartphone TikTok Fingertip Remote Control Ring today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I love this! This is just an amazing button. I use it for tiktok and Instagram


I like it a lot and they perform exactly as described

Alex M.

I could basically listen to TikTok while I did other things, and not have to babysit the phone and listen to videos repeat over and over.


Works great. Love that I don’t have to hold my phone and have an aching hand.


Connected easly to my phone, works great with the tiktok app.