Portable Mini Door Stopper Wireless Alarm

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Keep Your Room Secured

Want to keep your room secured at all times? Prevent unwanted intruders from entering your room with our Portable Mini Door Stopper Wireless Alarm!

This door stopper alarm is a valuable addition to the security of your home. It works as a door stopper to prevent the door from opening and makes a loud sound when the alarm is activated.

No installation required. Easy to carry when your'e traveling. To use, simply turn the alarm on and slide it under the door from the inside. Ideal for homes, apartments, dorm rooms, hotels and motels.


  • Door Stopper and Alarm in One
  • Helps Deter Intruder
  • Easy to Carry and Use
  • No Installation Required
  • 120 Db Siren
  • 300 to 1000 Feet Alarm Range

Whether you need to protect your home from an invasion or prevent a lock-out, our Portable Mini Door Stopper Wireless Alarm has you covered. Order yours today!




Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alexane O'Hara

These are loud & sensitive. Works great!

Caesar Raynor

I haven’t tested it yet but all looks good so far. Very fast shipping. Thank you so much!

Orpha Shields

Oh yeah, these work. I am an old lady & we had some break-ins nearby so I got these. I placed them in front of my doors after setting the switch & went to bed. My daughter came over (she has a key) & one went off screaming.

Doug Roob

Very simple to use and has 3 sensitivity settings. The bottom has a grip rubber pad that prevents the doorstop from sliding as the door is swung open and also works well on carpeting.

Amari O'Reilly

Great for hotel doors! It's small light and strong.