Leg Ramp Inflatable Pillow

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For Comfort and Circulation

Looking for a way to soothe tired, achy legs? Kick up your feet at the end of a long day with our Leg Ramp Inflatable Pillow!


Sitting and standing for long hours can give your legs inflammation, poor circulation, and pain. Our leg pillow promotes positive blood flow to reduce pain and swelling. It also helps in providing relief from sore feet, restless legs, injuries, vein problems, achy back and more. Perfect for pregnant women, post-surgery patients and people suffering from an injury.


It fits the body's natural curvature and tilts at 45°. It's dense but not uncomfortable. Easy to clean. When you no longer need your legs or feet elevated, simply deflate and store. And since it's portable, you can bring it with you. Perfect for traveling.


  • Comfortable Tilt Angle and Height:
  • Inflates and Deflates Easily
  • Contours Perfectly to the Shape of Your Legs
  • Keeps Shape Over Time
  • Can Go Anywhere You Do

Sleep peacefully through the night so you can wake up refreshed. Order our Leg Ramp Inflatable Pillow now!  


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kasey Will

I wanted a leg elevated pillow but I didn't want to spend a fortune. I found this one and figured I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprise.

Britney McLaughlin

I have Achilles issues, as chronic inflammation causes them to rupture occasionally. Absolutely NO pressure or discomfort on them! Don't hesitate to buy this. It's stable, doesn't slide, and I haven't got any issues with it.

Maiya Harris

Excellent met all my expectations

Claud Crooks

It is completely Portable, light, and will fit in luggage.

Corine Maggio

Excellent quality, corresponds to the description