Decor: LED Wall Sensor Magnetic Quantum Lamps for Home Decoration

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Customize Your Lighting

A new intelligent way to play! Our LED Wall Sensor Magnetic Quantum Lamps provide a diversified experience for your home.

Designed allows the user to effectively slide where they want or need light. Turn it on or off with your touch.The hexagonal shape makes it easier to be connected together. It can be placed on the desktop or used as background wall, ceiling, or floor.


  • Create Any Structure to Suit Your Needs
  • Turn It on and Off by Touching It
  • Illuminate and Decorate Your House
  • Energy Saving

Turn the walls into canvas with your hands as the brush. Order the LED Wall Sensor Magnetic Quantum Lamps today!


1.How to turn these lights on and off?

By just touching these lamps it turns on or off
2.The Color is only white ?
We have white color modules ONLY 
3.How fast is the delivery?
We usually ship within two days
4.How many modules can be attached to one power supply?
We suggest a maximum amount of 65 modules run off of one power supply.