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No more Tangled Mess

Still struggling to keep all the cords in your workspace organized? Keep them organized with our Cable Storage Box!

This home and office must-have prevents you from ever rummaging through a tangled mess of cables again. It helps you tidy things up by concealing and protecting power strips and excess cables

Made durable plastic with a spacious interior. Comes with a lid that seals tightly and securely, keeping wires safe from dust and spills. The holes on the ends help dissipate heat that builds up from cables and power strips. Will easily blend with modern décor thanks to its clean and sleek design.

  • Holds and Hides Everything from Power Strips to Excess Cables
  • Holes on the Ends
  • Has Curved Ends and Polished Lid
  • Available in Many Colors to Match Your Decor
No more messy cables. Order our Cable Storage Box today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Reed D'Amore

This product really streamlined and cleaned up the full size power strip and six chargers required for our set up. The cut outs accommodated all the power, coax and network cables. This will also make dusting a single smooth surface, easier to keep clean.

Rolando Roberts

Good aesthetic box. It came without damage.

Chase Gleason

good packaging good plastic quality. the body is made of plastic + wood cover on top. Highly recommended. buy with confidence.

Gunnar Price

Well packaged and beautiful product.

Mckenna Reichel

Excellent quality, firm plastic. Very practical. It fits nicely under the desk and hides the strip outlet and plugs.