Automatic Plant Watering Device

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Automatic Worry-Free Plant Watering

Want to give your plants the proper care they need while you're on vacation? Keep your plants green and healthy with our Automatic Plant Watering Device!

This self-watering device is great for those of us who are traveling quite a bit or just bad at watering plants. It applies the right amount of water when your plants need it.

Easy to use. No batteries needed. No complicated settings. Just fill each bird with water and insert it into the soil of your plants. As the soil dries around the spikes, water is pulled from the tubes and into your plants through a siphoning action. Great for indoor and outdoor plants.


  • Automatic Drip Irrigation
  • 200ml Capacity
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Great for People Who Are Always Away from Home
  • Durable PVC Plastic

Keep your plants healthy while you're away. Order the Automatic Plant Watering Device today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Hazel Kris

Thank you! I really love it. Works like a charm!

Melvina Beatty

Has come very well packed, and everything is perfect. I'm very happy. My plants are happy.

Kaia Sanford

They're great. I 've already bought before.

Haven Schuster

Super fast delivery. Wow! Great birds! Loved it! great quality!

Flavie Ziemann

Awfully good!