Reusable Hand Sanitizer Wristband Dispenser

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Keep Your Hands Germs and Bacteria-Free

Sanitize in seconds whenever or wherever you want with our Reusable Hand Sanitizer Wristband Dispenser!

It's a hand sanitizer holder wristband that is perfect for the entire family. Great for work or school, traveling or shopping. Use it to disinfect your hands before you touch your car keys, wallet, or the door handle. Wear it on your wrist like a normal watch.

To dispense, simply squeeze the top to your desired amount. To refill, fill the beak bottle with sanitizer or alcohol. Insert to the tiny hole of the beak bottle on the wristband and refill. Close the cap when full.


  • Versatile and Reusable
  • Adjustable in Multiple Positions
  • Medical-Grade Soft Silicone
  • Can Be Worn by Children or Adults

Limit the likelihood of spreading bacteria and viruses. Sanitize when you need to with our Reusable Hand Sanitizer Wristband Dispenser today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lavina Blick

It came fast. Works well. Thanks!

Amely Friesen

This travel hand sanitizer bracelet can be refilled with any brand of hand sanitizer. It allows me to clean my hands anytime, anywhere.

Unique Boehm

This wristband makes it so easy to remember to sanitize my hands often.

Candelario Dickens

I got these for my kids going back to school and for myself. I have to say it is a high-quality product that’s also super comfortable. It works easy and makes carrying sanitizer or hand soap for kids finally convenient.

Kevon Bailey

I've been trying to find a functioning wristband that can hold hand sanitizer for quite a while now. And now I have, this one actually works!