3-in-1 Electric Rose Quartz Jade Roller and Face Massager

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 Brighter Skin and Sharper Cheekbones

Want to sculpt your skin and banish puffiness? Give our 3-in-1 Electric Rose Quartz Jade Roller and Face Massager a try!


This vibrating rose quartz roller will not only feel amazing on your face but will also help in reducing puffiness and swelling. It comes with 3 attachment heads: a facial roller massager to tighten and tone your skin, an under-eye press massager to fight dark circles and puffy eyes, and a 3D face roller massager that can be used on any part of your body.

The high-frequency vibration relaxes your facial muscles. Use it daily to make your face and skin look healthier and younger.


  • Made with Rose Quartz
  • Helps Stimulate Circulation
  • Increases Your Skin’s Ability to Soak Up Serums and Creams
  • Comes with Three Attachment Heads
  • Requires One AA Battery (not included)

Fast-track to smooth and flawless skin. Order the 3-in-1 Electric Rose Quartz Jade Roller and Face Massager today!



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Neha Mitchell

Quality massager. Is not made of plastic, is really Jade, also is very comfortable to use

Trenton Macejkovic

Satisfied and in good condition..

Keenan Kemmer

After having several rollers break on me, I am REALLY happy this one seems to be better made.

Joseph Nolan

I am BEYOND happy with this product!! The packaging is great and there was 0 damage during shipping. The quality and workmanship of the product is brilliant, probably the best I've seen for ages. It came with a little velvet bag as well as two mini basic manuals for the different heads of the device. The vibration is really strong. Requires an AA battery (not included). Even the parts you wouldn't see on first inspection (like inside the battery compartment) are clean and finished nicely. The ONLY thing I can 'complain' about - the main roller doesn't squeak like many others (yay!) because it has tiny rubber plugs to cushion the metal in the stone. This DOES mean, however, that the stone doesn't roll as easily as it should and is more 'fixed' which isn't ideal.

Jermain Schinner

It can be used by the whole family, and I sincerely recommend it to everyone, very good!